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If you’re the proud owner of a new or used Honda around Leominster, then you might be looking for a trusted place to cover your vehicle’s most important maintenance needs, and that’s why you can get a great Leominster oil change and more at Ron Bouchard Honda. Our dealership delivers a range of Honda oil change options that fit your specific trim level’s needs. Learn more about how we’ll get your back on Fitchburg roads in no time with a Honda oil change near Leominster at Ron Bouchard Honda today!

How Much Does a Honda Oil Change Cost?

When you schedule a Honda oil change at Ron Bouchard Honda, you don’t have to worry about stretching your budget as it will typically cost between $45 and $75 for a synthetic oil blend for certain Honda models. The cost may be slightly higher than conventional oil but it will last longer and deliver a better performance. We also offer conventional and synthetic blend options depending on what your vehicle requires. Plus, when you bring your car in for an oil change near Leominster, we’ll do a complete inspection of other essential components such as your brakes, tires, steering, windshield wipers, and ignition to ensure everything is working properly.

Why Bring Your Car in for a Leominster Oil Change?

In addition to ensuring your next oil change around Leominster doesn’t break the bank, here’s a couple more reasons why our dealership is sure to be your one-stop-shop when it comes to Honda maintenance:

  • You don’t need to schedule a service appointment for an oil change at Ron Bouchard Honda. It is part of our express service offering.
  • Honda certified technicians that know your make and model inside and out. Rest assured that your vehicle is in capable hands.
  • If your car, truck, or SUV is covered by a maintenance plan, your oil changes might be included at little or no cost.
  • While many people believe a dealership oil change generally costs more than it does at a franchise oil change shop, that’s not always the case.

What is the Honda Maintenance Minder?

Another important factor when taking care of your vehicle is your Honda Maintenance Minder which offers crucial information on the condition of your vehicle and when you should bring it in for service around Gardner. You’ll have a display of your vehicle’s oil quality along with main and sub codes that provide details on specific maintenance needs. Here’s a quick breakdown of each below:

Honda Maintenance Minder Percentage

  • 15% – Service Due Soon: Make Plans to bring your car in for service. 
  • 5% – Service Due Now: Take your vehicle for a required oil change.
  • 0% – Service Past Due: Arrange for service immediately.

Main Codes

  • Service A: Replace the engine oil and filter, or reset the engine oil life indicator.
  • Service B: Replace the engine oil and filter, inspect brakes, check steering components, inspect suspension components, check driveshaft boots, check fluid levels, inspect exhaust system, inspect brake hoses or lines

Sub Codes

  • 1: The tires need to be rotated
  • 2: Check and possibly replace the air cleaner, drive belt, pollen, and dust filter
  • 3: Replace transmission and transfer fluids
  • 4: Check and possibly replace the timing belt, spark plugs, valves, and water pump
  • 5: Add and/or replace the engine coolant
  • 6: Add and/or replace the rear differential fluid

Schedule Your Oil Change Near Leominster at Ron Bouchard Honda

As you can see, you can get a timely oil change around Leominster and keep moving around Gardner roads in no time. Set up your next Honda oil change at Ron Bouchard Honda and you can even find many other helpful service tips and tricks to learn more about how best care for your vehicle and save with our Honda service specials. You can even order OEM parts and accessories for sale and have them ready in time for your next visit. Contact us today for more information on setting up a Leominster oil change at our dealership herer in Lancaster!

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